About company

Vladimir Machining Center young company, founded in 2019, is rather perspective and ambitious. Its goal is to revive domestic precision production traditions in a highly specialized segment which requires both a deep design documentation study degree, all elements manufacture precision as well as the strictest finished products acceptance standards.

Currently VTC-150 and VTC-400 two pumps are being mass-produced. Besides our product line will be significantly expanded by new VTC-50, VTC-250, VTC-800 and VTC-1500 models production.

VTC brand pumps have got customers’ positive feedback while being used in «Radiy» Scientific Production Enterprise, Moscow, National Research Nuclear University MEPhI, Moscow, «Scientific and technical equipment» CJSC, St. Petersburg and other organizations as well. Our products supply geography is constantly expanding.

Vladimir Machining Center is Russian Federation production company. Currently the company is the only global Russian high-vacuum turbomolecular pumps manufacturer. Currently we are looking for and actively attracting specialists, developers and designers in multiple Russian Federation regions, hereby being engaged in our own scientific, design and production schools development.

You both satisfy your enterprise’ needs as well as make a significantly contribute to the domestic instrument making’s best traditions revival while joining Vladimir Machining Center.

The import substitution policy was reflected in the maximum products adaptation to the Russian exploitation conditions. Both the main turbine elements, bearing assembly and frequency converter as well have been designed the appropriate way to:

  • ensure maximum reliability even in harsh industrial production operation conditions;
  • provide resistance to breakthrough atmosphere;
  • provide reliable service in a short time.

The Russian materials and components usage gives a great chance to organize production and storage such a way to ensure the pump to be manufactured and delivered to the customer within a few days which is impossible in certain foreign brands equipment operation.

Vladimir Machining Center provides its own training center for where the operating companies specialists to be trained VTC turbomolecular pumps operation and maintenance as well as to become aware of our company’s production capabilities.

Contact details

600031, Vladimir,
Dobroselskaya st., 212.
+7 (4922) 77-85-24
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