Import substitution, machining

Today import substitution means unreasonably high prices and delivery times reduction tissues resolving. Earlier high-precision technological goods craft was extremely hard to be mastered in the Russian Federation, but today the current situation has changed.

Vladimir Machining Center is engaged in products and components production of high manufacturing accuracy and tight tolerances requirements as well which provides us with a great chance to effectively resolve European, American and Japanese manufacturers products import substitution issues.

Vladimir Machining Center is located on its own production site with an area of over 6000 sq. m. and has all the required resources, equipment and systems to ensure uninterrupted mass goods production within the contracts terms.

We have got an extensive background in various metals and alloys processing, including conventional and stainless steels, aluminum and copper alloys, composite epoxy materials, fluoroplastics, caprolon, titanium, as well as complex goods production, namely thin-walled, high-precision, with a complex geometry, etc.

We managed to successfully implement goods production projects for oil and gas industry, aircraft and automakers, medical and innovative companies as well.

Vladimir Machining Center’s specialists are ready to master the production both according to finished drawings and Specification, as well as according to products samples including specification development within certain operating conditions.

Besides we will help to produce unique piece goods, accessories, including within research and development.

The optimal manufacturing and delivery terms are intended to compete with the delivery time from abroad, while internal information systems are intended to keep each customer’s history and track all changes made to the technical documentation for each individual order.

Looking forward to cooperate with you! Be sure to contact our specialists in order to get started. Parts and assemblies dimensions measurement .

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