Turbomolecular vacuum pumps

Vladimir Machining Center is the only Russian Federation company which is engaged in turbomolecular pumps development and manufacture in order to create and maintain a high vacuum.

including research institutes and centers, defense enterprises, metallurgy enterprises, engineering enterprise, etc.

Turbomolecular pumps recently became available in the Russian Federation which may significantly complicate or even break the most important enterprises operation due to both sanctions threats and other negative factors from the outside.

VTC turbomolecular pumps are the first domestic mass-produced pumps of modern Russia. Their important features are:

  • production in Vladimir, which contributes to the rapid equipment delivery, as well as fast and high-quality service, even while resolving high complexity level issues;
  • development given the equipment operation specifics in domestic enterprises which implies maximum reliability even within the harsh industrial production conditions, resistance to atmospheric breakthrough (up to ten times) as well as maintenance opportunity by the operating organizations forces;
  • proven solutions usage. We provide up to 3000 hours of continuous work as well as over 20 000 hours of mean time between failures.

Combined VTC pumps, which together provide a high pump efficiency as well as deep vacuum achievement opportunity up to 10-10 mm Hg while being consisting of both turbo molecular as well as Holweck and Zigban molecular stages.

98% of parts, including all major components, are manufactured by our specialists while using high-precision CNC equipment. Today Vladimir Machining Center is engaged in the following pump models production as a standard:

  • VTC-150 (capacity from 100 to 200 l / s);
  • VTC-400 (capacity from 300 to 550 l / s);
  • VTC-404 (VTC-400 equipped with the conflate connection).

Coming soon:

  • VTC-1500
  • VTC-50
  • VTC-250
  • VTC-800

We are glad to invite you to visit our company, to become aware of our production, laboratories as well as discuss your issues solution with our highly-qualified specialists.

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