Turbomolecular vacuum pumps rental

Vladimir Machining Center provides a wide services range to ensure maximum turbomolecular pumps availability.

Vacuum turbomolecular complex VTC has been available since November 2018 both on a rental basis as well as to be purchased. The current option is intended for those organizations having one-time need within certain individual projects and programs, as well as companies which are engaged in massive imported brands equipment exploit.

If you:

  • massively exploit foreign turbomolecular pumps,
  • wish to make sure in the domestic pumps capabilities,
  • have one-time needs for high-vacuum equipment within individual projects,

Vladimir Machining Center is ready to offer you Vacuum turbomolecular complex VTC for rent for a period of over 1 month.

Be sure to contact Vladimir Machining Center specialists - to learn more.

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