Parts and assemblies dimensions measurement

MitutoyoVladimir Machining Center provides you with a great chance to use the parts and assemblies dimensions measuring service.

Measurements are made at CRYSTA-Apex S measuring center, manufactured by Mitutoyo (Japan, the current equipment type manufacture world’s leader).

We will be glad to provide you with the following measurements types:

  • geometric parts dimensions measurement;
  • surfaces shape and location control;
  • forming surfaces control;
  • surface treatment quality determination;
  • materials hardness control.

The measurements check-list is provided upon termination.

Measuring center characteristics are provided in the table below.


Max. permissible volume error (1,7 + 0,3L/100) µm
Max. permissible MPEP head measuring error 1,7 microns
Max. scanning probing permissible error 2.0 µm (110 s)
Resolution 0.0001 mm (0.1 µm)
Maximum measured object weight 50 kg
The maximum measured object dimensions, mm 600x900x500

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