1. Where does your pumps production take place?

We produce all our pumps in Vladimir. Be sure to visit us!

2. What is delivery time?

The delivery time does not exceed several days, as a rule. Pumps are usually in stock at the finished product warehouse.

3. What is the warranty period?

Warranty period is 1,5 years. You will be provided with another pump within 5 days in case of any issues for the repair period. Click here to learn more.

4. What is the continuous operation duration?

Over 3 years.

5. Whether it is possible to use conventional diaphragm pumps instead of foreline vacuum ones?

Yes, it is possible if the pumped out flow pumps out turbomolecular vacuum pumps' gas flow. In such a case, the membrane pump’s suction side residual pressure is not more than 3 ... 4 mm Hg.

6. Interchangeability with imported pumps

Vladimir Machining Center’s pumps interchangeability with the similar foreign pumps models is available.

7. Whether commutation with the inverters or other manufacturers controllers is available

Theoretically it is available. But the final answer will be provided by our highly-qualified experts after getting the frequency converter (controller) specifications from our consumer.

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